Grape Lime Ricky Diamonds and Sauce 1g {MPX}

Lab Results THC: 0.0% THCA: 95.90% CBCA1.37% CBDA: 0.33% CBN: 0.00% CBG: 0.65% CBGA:4.82% Terpenes: 30.45 *Updated 9/3/21*

Product Description

A dense, indica dominant citrus delight! C is for cannabis and candy. Grape Lime Ricky has attributes of both. Crossing Purple Urkle with Jack The Ripper has produced this fast-blooming 40% sativa, 60% indica hybrid. Like all great cannabis, she produces exotically colored tight flower clusters crusted in eye-catching trichomes. The flavor is of sweet berry candy with subtle lemon/lime and a grape tang. This flower has a pungent citrus nose you can almost taste the lime when smelling it. A heavier indica this is great for insomnia, pain, and anxiety relief. A dense flower covered in crystals. The aroma hits your nose right when your eyes see the glistening trichome covered flowers. A soft lemon-lime scent is flooded by the smell of grapes, similar to the grape flavored Jolly Rancher candies.


Lemon Skunk Diamonds & Sauce 1g {MPX}

Diamonds: 96.02% THCA Sauce: 45.21% THCA Total Terpenes 24.17%