Blue Shark Live CBD Sap 1g {Grassroots}

Lab Results THC: 1.30% THCA: 30.20% CBD: 1.10% CBDA: 44.10% CBN: 0.00% CBG: 0.40% Terpenes: 8.39 *Updated 5/6/21*

Product Description

CBD Blue Shark by Barney’s Farm is a flavorful 1:1 CBD/THC cross of CBD Shark and Blue Cheese. These strains come together to offer consumers THC and CBD contents of 6.5%, which may help to reduce inflammation while improving mood and alleviating stress. CBD Blue Shark has a complex floral bouquet that contains hints of jasmine, berry, and cheese, making it a unique and challenging flavor palate. If growing this strain, note that it typically takes about 9 weeks to finish flowering.